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If you are running a consulting company or any other professional services business, building a web resource that would present your organization to the nation is a must. Working on the right design that can introduce the audience to your business and encourage them to join your clientele can be a difficult and time-consuming process. To smoothen things down for you, TemplateMonster team has decided to launch another stunning, toll free HTML5 freebie for setting up or redesigning a business website with ease.

We have already seen so many bright, content-heavy themes that the release of a minimalist theme with cutting-edge layout seemed to be a great idea. When it comes to business web design, everything should be clear and simple. The given template doesn’t feature anything extra. Each element was thoroughly chosen to serve a certain function. For instance, the full width image in the header welcomes the viewers and sets the right mood; the grid-based structure of content areas allows to separate one thematic block from another, what contributes to the quality perception of information; the pleasant to the eye turquoise hues in the header, footer, headlines and calls-to-action make it easier to draw user eye to the meaningful fields. Traditionally, the freebie is fully responsive, which helps browsing your company website from both desktop and handheld devices. No matter what screen size people user, all data will be properly displayed onscreen. Making all themes easy to customize is a must. So, once you decide to download this design, there should be no difficulty with adjusting its color scheme, imagery or any other element.

If you are looking for a template that would feature nothing but essentials, then this contemporary design can be the best solution to present your business online. Check out live demo and see it for yourself.

Demo | Download here


Getting in touch with any event planning company we expect to get first class services and outstanding festivity that would stay in our memory for long. Looking for the best entertainment organization, there is a bundle of things we take into consideration and online presentation is no doubt an indispensable part of that. Depending on how cheerful engaging, and visually appealing a web resource looks, your prospective customers will decide whether it’s worth dealing with you. We have decided to treat you with another great HTML5 freebie from that would make your job much simpler and make any entertainment company a success.

It features everything to make people stop and stare. Being fully responsive, the offered design will be properly displayed on any handheld or desktop device. Combining stunning look and functionality, both site visitors and administrators will be amazed at how easy at use the site is. We are now dealing with a fine example of a website template with strong promotional potential that will engage users in from the first acquaintance with your business and make them keep on coming back. So, what other elements make this design so cutting edge? Let’s find this out in detail.

The first thing that would catch your attention is the strong visual side of this theme. Displaying recent projects in the gallery, visualizing categories of the provided services with the help of bright images, and combining all this with pleasant to the eye color scheme and readable fonts, you will draw the eye of any passerby to your project. Once reaching such a resource, people will feel the joy of collaborating with you. User testimonials cleverly located near the image gallery with CSS3 hover effects significantly help with decision-making.

If you want to build a visually appealing website for your event planning company and want every accidental visitor stay and learn about your business in detail, then this theme is a way to go.

Demo | Download here


Restaurant websites are a great place to investigate the eating house you are going to visit before actually going there. Such resources should not only be easy in use but also provide viewers with inviting, cozy experience that would motivate to come and savour your dishes. What do you expect to see when visiting cafe and restaurant sites? No one would argue that would be photos of the food served. The HTML5 freebie we are going to talk about today uses imagery in a variety of ways to put the focus where it should be.

Whether one is leaving for a culinary tour or simply looks for a place to dine out, checking out the best restaurants online is the first thing any modern user would do. So, creating a great first impression highly matters. The way your website is designed can be the determining factor that would either boost the popularity of your business or, vice versa, draw visitors away. To achieve success and make people talk about your restaurant, we offer you to download this toll free theme and set up your business web page in no time.

You don’t need to be a tech pro to adjust this design. Similar to other cool templates launched by TemplateMonster, this design can be easily customized. Picking any font, color scheme, fonts or other element to your liking, you can develop a fine place for gourmets to acquaint with your business. Thanks to its clean and clear layout and clever usage of soft pastel colors, you will be able to draw user attention to fields that matter the most – your dishes in menu. Here mouthwatering visuals serve their purpose, working up appetite and making viewers want to feel the taste of your dishes. No one will find any difficulties with finding the necessary information. Whether one is interested in your pricing policy, opening hours, menu, staff or user testimonials – all this can be reached in a click.

In a word, picking this free HTML5 theme you will be able to dress up your site with a tasty design that would trigger appetite of each and every viewer.

Demo | Download here


You will hardly find a person who is not dreaming about building a perfect home and living in it happily forever. To make such dreams come true, we address architecture agencies that can provide us with a rich selection of styles and designs to choose from and build a home that would make people talk. One of the most popular trends on the modern market is minimalism. This is reflected in both architecture designs and their websites. Here is a cool minimalist HTML5 freebie for an architecture site. Pick it to promote your business online and drive more clients in.

This clean and clear theme was developed for you to start a minimalist architecture web resource with plenty of stunning features that would grab users’ attention and make them stay for long. You don’t need to be a coding specialist to customize the theme. The admin  panel is as simple and intuitive that it can be easily managed by a kid. Your company website should engage viewers at the very first glance and this design would be the perfect solution to help you with this.

  • Its perfect content placement will guide users from one point to another.
  • Easy-to-follow navigation and engaging Carousel & Owl sliders make the design even more engaging for further investigation.
  • All call-to-action buttons and headlines are in catchy coral color, which draws viewers’ attention and stimulates to learn more.
  • Easy-to-reach social share buttons at the top and button of the page welcome visitors and let them get subscribed to your news feed and be always informed about your special offers.

Grab this theme to bring a fresh look to your site. Clicking the demo button below you may check out how your site will look like or simply download it right away to start customizing it the way you wish to leave a lasting impression of your clients.

Demo | Download here


What’s the main objective of any cleaning company? it’s no doubt to provide people with the most up-to-date services and supplies to keep their homes and offices clean and tidy. We all want to live long and healthy and the tidiness of the place where we spend most of our life highly matters.

No matter what business you’re running, setting up a company website is a must-do. It will not only help you gain recognition but also boost your business and gain more loyal customers. A catchy website is the first thing that draws customer attention and determines their attitude to your business. If you have developed an attention-grabbing web resource that can’t leave anyone indifferent, than you’re likely to succeed. But what if one isn’t a coding pro and doesn’t know how to develop a website from scratch? That’s not a problem at all. There are always plenty of useful themes to choose from and today we are glad to share one more amazing freebie with you.

Picking clean and clear free HTML5 theme for cleaning company you will be able to set up a fine resource for your business without spending much time and money on ordering a custom-made design. This freebie features everything your customers may want to find out about your business, the services you provide, as well as pricing policy. It includes plenty of useful elements to build a solid online presence and engage more people in, like:

  • Catchy visuals. Making use of bold photos in the top image Slippry Slider and implemented Elastislide Carousel in the bottom of the home page, it catches the eye of your audience at first glance and arouses a desire to stay and learn more.
  • Neat social media icons motivate to click and subscribe to your updates. This will not only let people share your archives online but also draw new clients to your business.
  • This clean and clear, intuitive layout is perfect for communicating your business ideas online. Using much whitespace it allows focusing on the most meaningful part– the content.

Click the demo button below to see the theme in work or download it toll free to set up or redesign the existing site. Try it, you won’t regret.

Demo | Download here


We all realize that eating well, exercising regularly and getting rid of bad habits are highly important for our healthy life. We are constantly bombarded by healthy living messages by media, family and friends, however many of us live hectic lives and can easily get off the track. But it’s not as hopeless as it seems. To be motivated to exercise you can always join a group of like-minded people and share your athletic achievements with them. Running marathons is one of the most enjoyable sports for millions of people worldwide. There are many things to consider when getting ready for your first race. Not to miss a thing, meet your competitors in person, promote this sport online and engage more people in, consider this Free HTML5 Theme.

The freebie is perfect for building solid online presence of your sport resource. We all know that in order to achieve athletic success one needs to be in good physical condition and get instant stamina for a race. Choosing this theme you’ll be able to create the right mood for each runner, provide them with the full information they need to know when preparing for their next marathon, get people involved in your projects, and build a healthier nation.

This minimal template built in light green colors that carry associations with health, durability and optimism will be the perfect match for sports websites. Your visitors will be able to keep track of the upcoming marathons thanks to the countdown section right under the high-res slider, whereas the whole list of latest news can be found in the same name block. What’s more, people will be able to check out competitors list and become a member of your club with a single click. Overall, the theme features everything a runner might be interested in when getting ready for the next race.

Click the demo button to have a closer look at this freebie or download it for free to build your own sports project.

Demo | Download

It’s always the right time to think about charity and how we can help the needy people. There are so many those who need assistance. Just lend a hand, protect, help and do at least something that will make somebody’s living better. Free HTML5 Theme for Charity Site is what TemplateMonster offers you to start a noble mission of spreading welfare online.

How should a well-done charity site communicate its ideas? It should put accents on visuals and make people believe that they can help. This clean design looks positive with light green accents and welcomes to join charity campaigns. They are all presented in the central content part (with JQuery Direction-Aware Hover), so the viewers can browse all of them with ease. Slider in the top tells about the company the theme presents. Notice Media page with YouTube videos where the company can place promo videos to drive more people in.

It’s so easy to engage people in one community that will help poverty-stricken. Try this freebie to start a site and welcome the others to take part into charity campaigns.

demo | download here

If I ask you what color is mostly associated with spring, the only and the right answer will be green. It imparts a sense of nature and fits the idea of your business’ growth. Websites that implement it in designs easily win the audience’ attention, standing out of the crowd. If you want to be the one, consider this Free HTML5 Theme from TemplateMonster in nice Persian green for redesign of starting a site for interior, exterior, architecture, design companies.

Here light green works as visually attractive element of the minimal design and helps focus viewers’ attention on menu items and call-to-action buttons. Being placed against clean background, it makes the layout sound well-toned. Using this theme as the basis of a site, you can be sure that all its business ideas will be clearly communicated to the visitors.

  • Camera slideshow (made on free jQuery plugin) is ideal for featuring the works from your gallery. Large images with captions will demonstrate your works at their best and draw viewers in.
  • Blocks with featured products welcome visitors with cool transition effects. Animations for Thumbnail Grids is what you need to display image blocks with fancy visual effects.
  • Notice social buttons (in the footer) that come with tool tip effect. Using a simple plugin, it’s possible to create such non-trivial buttons.

Demo | Download here

Heading to the web with a new or redesigned site? Here is what you should consider to make it noticeable one. Choose this Free Responsive HTML5 Travel Theme from TemplateMonster as an instant update for your website and easy set up. Created with Maldives in mind and other wonderful countries for luxurious weekends, this theme is a perfect fit for presenting travel agencies and their offers for a wide audience online.

All You Need to Know About Theme’s Features


  • Fully-responsive nature which means that the theme is correctly displayed on various handheld devices.
  • Booking form that is a well-structured one for easy filling in.
  • Blog page where you can share the latest news with the clients.
  • Cross-browser testing. You can be sure that the site based on this theme will work well in all major browsers.
  • SEO-friendliness which means that your site will interact better with search bots.

To check out this free theme in live action, click the button below.

Demo | Download here

To introduce a web presence or its renewed version, choose trendy professionally done designs to grab the audience attention. TemplateMonster has released the new freebies with a strong visual impact – Free HTMl5 Theme for Exterior Design Site. Make use of its effective retro style, so popular on the web today, and welcome more potential clients to the company it presents.

All types of exterior design companies, agriculture and floristic ones will find this theme a perfect fit for presenting their business online.

Retro Sophistication and Its Components


  • Retro atmosphere of this theme is achieved with the help of soft color palette, nice retro fonts and trendy logo with a vintage fleur. Though, this logo looks extremely modern and can be called hipster.
  • Images with blurred effect. You can notice the extreme popularity of Instagram-like images that are widely used in designs. This effect is created either with the help of Instagram filters or Photoshop actions. The same wonderful effect is achieved in the following design. Full size image in the top, featured images below and in the footer look pleasant on the eye.
  • Hexagon elements. Logo put in hexagon looks sharp, bit retro and trendy.

This free theme is no only visually attractive, but also use-friendly. Site visitors will enjoy their experience of working with the site based on it. To see it in action, check out free template live demo.

demo | download here

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