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To get a site running, start with its design that is a first step on the road for launching a site. Here is the goodie that is a ready-made one and can become in handy for setting up any kind of personal, photographer’s, web design agency online portfolioFree HTML5 Theme. jQuery power brings cool features into this design, making it visually attractive and usable. Don’t worry about its customization – you’ll do it with minor designer’s skills.

Powerful visual impact is a key feature of each successful online portfolio. If you want to have one, make use of the following theme with an accent on its visual part.

jQuery Camera top slider with cool transition effects brilliantly presents the images from portfolio.

TouchTouch Gallery allows to showcase all the works you have in the appealing for the viewers manner with nice zoom effect.

Featured block of projects pleases the eyes with circle hover effect, and the next block of services brings the chosen information with item blur effect.

Make users enjoy their work with the site: the comfort of surfing around, the ease of getting information and browsing works. Follow demo link to see the work of your future site. Then if you like it, don’t hesitate to get .psd source files.

See demo

Download theme

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This week brings changes into freebies that we post each Monday. From now they are more powerful and cool.

Welcome the first renewed theme Free jQuery Website Template for Travel Agency. This theme is not only jQuery powered, it goes with Tabbed Navigation and a bunch of elements that make it a good basis for a travel agency site. If you want to start another one, feel free to customize it easily with minor coding skills.

This design focuses on effective visuals that are presented with:

  • large jQuery slider at the top
  • nice hover effect in Top Destinations block
  • TouchTouch Gallery that allows the visitors to view the site portfolio.

HTML Plus JS animation enlivens this theme. The content part features wisely arranged blocks like the one with Tabbed navigation that makes the content easy to perceive.

Thought-out navigation is realized by means of:

  • JQuery To Top button
  • SuperFish Drop Down Menu.

Temlpate contains contact and newsletter forms. The theme is compatible with all browser versions. Have a look at the set of pages, don’t forget about free template live demo, and download it to start your projects online.

live demo

download theme

Free jQuery Website Template for Travel Agency:

 Free jQuery Website Template for Travel Agency
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Kick off this week with a great mood and plenty of creative ideas. To nourish your creativity and provide with useful stuff, we’d like to offer a fresh freebie – Free HTML5 Business Theme with jQuery Slider. The template is intended for a variety of business sites, but can be easily customized for the needs of other projects by both novice and experienced designers.

Carefully crafted design as this one can be a good face of a site that communicates business ideas. Its clean corporate style underlines the seriousness of the business and drives clients in. Easy navigation facilitated with thoroughly grouped content parts that help guide seamlessly throughout the page and back-to-top button simplify the user’s work with the site. The set of subpages is enough for placing even a huge amount of information about the company. Free template live demo will show your future site in action.

Download is free!

Free HTML5 Business Theme:

If you don’t know much about programming, customization even of a simple free theme may become a real challenge. To avoid all additional complications, you can use one of the Adobe Muse templates we’ve collected for you below. Their difference and great advantage over all other freebies lies in the fact that you can get your own powerful web presentation without writing a single line of code.

Adobe Muse is a brainchild of Adobe Systems. The software allows designers create professionally looking websites without the necessity to deal with the codes.

Actually, the choice of free Adobe Muse themes is not so varied on the net, but we were able to find several goodies for your delight. Most of the templates are fully responsive, which corresponds to the latest requirements of functional web pages.

Build your unique website from designer’s template. Let out your imagination – customize images, colors, textures, put down the content telling about your kind of business! Play with your free theme, it’s easy!

Main installation steps of your free Adobe Muse theme might be as follows:

  • Download and install Adobe Muse if it’s not on your computer yet.
  • Download the selected free Muse template.
  • Unzip file contents and start to experiment with images, text and colors.
  • Click Publish when your Adobe Muse website is ready to see the big web!

* * *


Free Adobe Muse Themes

* * *

Design World

Free Adobe Muse Themes

* * *

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Not a single Monday should pass by without pleasant goodies for you, guys. This one is not an exception, and we’ve got the fresh freebie for you to enjoy and use for your cool projects. It’s going to be Free Website Template for Agriculture Site. The sphere of business it is ideally tailored for is agro, but it can be easily customized for any other you need.

We post freebies quite often, and you can ask what they are noticeable for. So, here are several reasons, the free themes from our weekly series are good for you:

• these ready-to-use themes facilitate the creation of sites.
• they are wallet-friendly.
• they are well-coded and don’t need any extra coding skills to work with.

This very theme in sappy colors offers you good visual presentation of all services and products the company offers. The choice of this color proceeds from its association with nature, thus being good for agro site. Along with black and white background it creates a contrasting tone, making the layout effective. jQuery Fade Slider, clean execution, the set of pages delivering the key information and visual attractiveness – this design provides you with everything you need for setting up a well-done site. To see how it will look like, check out its free template live demo.

Free Website Template for Agriculture Site:

TemplateMonster has announced this Monday a lifehacking one, and has prepared a ready-made solution for all of you who are looking for setting up a web page. It is Free Website Template for Wedding site. Though it is ideally tailored for wedding page, you can easily redesign it according to the needs of your business. You don’t need extra coding skills to customize it, it is done by professional designers with all your needs in mind.

Using this theme the couple can announce about the forthcoming wedding day, its date, location. The set of subpages with wise structure will help present the couple, tell more about their love story, show the pictures from wedding day post factum. The home page contains nice slider in the top for featuring the most precious moments from couple’s life. Soft rosy brown colors of the layout creates pleasant on the eye tone, romantic and elegant. Free template live demo will show you how your sites based on this theme will look like.

Feel free to download it and set up a page easily.

Free Website Template for Wedding Site:

The immense popularity of Drupal CMS today is not surprising. Due to the greate extensibility of its features it can be used for blogging platforms (as WordPress, for example) and for eCommerce. Being based on PHP and MySQL, it features power and flexibility that go along with its effective design and thus turns out to be a solid basis for your future site. Besides, it employs a specialized templating system and supports themes, and it offers you to change the visual look of your system’s front easily. The latest version of Drupal is 7, and if you’re looking for the great site on its basis, consider today’s compilation of new pre-built Free Drupal 7 Themes that are compatible with this version.

These themes are clean and good-looking. And what’s inside? Attractive image slideshows, multilevel drop down menus, effective Google fonts, well-chosen typography in headlines. And that’s not all – they are completely free. Following the links that go with each theme, you can see its free template live demo and download the theme. You can use them for corporate business, portfolio or blog sites – whatever your online business needs.

Check out them to see that high quality products are not synonymous to high prize. They can be completely free.


Fresh Theme Drupal Theme


Free Drupal 7 Themes
demo | download


Creative Drupal Theme


Free Drupal 7 Themes
demo | download
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They are here! The compilation of fresh free website templates from spring 2013. If you’re looking for the red-hot items, browse this collection of free themes created by skillful designers from TemplateMonster. They are completely free, and you’re welcome to use them in your designs, bringing your projects into life.

What can make you interested in these templates?

- You can start a project on their basis even having moderate design skills.
- It’s really easy to customize them, bringing any changes you want. The skillful designers have made them with all your needs in mind
- Themes are good for a variety of business projects including web design, law, food and drink, beauty, animals and pets, etc.
- All of them feature visual attractiveness (jQuery sliders, nicely decorated featured blocks, effective typography) that can draw the attention of potential visitors of the future site and thought-out navigation.

All these free themes are waiting for you. Check out this collection, and feel free to download each one you like.


Free Website Template



Free Joomla Business Theme

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We are back with a fresh goodie for you, guys. What’s that for today? Free Website Template done with your needs in mind by skillful designers. If you’re a professional, it will take you no time to redesign it into the needed project. If you begin working in this sphere, be sure, it will be quite easy to customize this theme. You just download this template, add few changes, and it will behave as you want. What projects is it good for? You can use it for animals & pets, animal shelter, pet adoption, pet club sites and a variety of others related to this theme.

This design catches attention with the contrasting layout where orange and green elements act as accents. It attracts views with large photos in the top slider and nice image blocks in the content part. All the information you have will be accurately placed within well-structured layout. The design creates a warm welcome to its visitors not only with its attractive look, but also with easy navigation facilitated with drop down menu and back-to-top button. Free template live demo will show you the look of your future site.

Theme is completely free, don’t hesitate to get it!

Free Website Template for Pet Site:

It’s time to show off a fresh goodie that will certainly come in handy for your design works. Hope, you’ll greet it with a smile on your face – Free Website Template for Law Firm. It can serve the needs of lawyer, attorney websites and any other that deal with the law sphere.

Try this expertly-crafted design to get the confidence-boosting tone of the site. It it good for gaining maximum potential of the law business. Well-structured layout and the set of subpages allows you to arrange all the information in easy-to-perceive manner. Large headlines focus attention on content blocks, revealing their main ideas. The top slider contains high resolution photos of company’s representatives, and its key business ideas. Easy on the eye, this design creates a feeling of strong and solid web presence. Free template live demo can show you how it will look like.

Free Website Template for Law Company:

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