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Are you running a design agency and want to add some modern accents to its online presence? Then don’t pass by the freshly-designed Responsive Design Agency Freebie from TemplateMonster. Once in two weeks these guys treat the audience with some cool free solutions for starting new websites or updating the existing ones with. As you see, this week was no exception. We’ve been waiting for this day to come for so long and finally it has happened. So, people please welcome the first free responsive website template of 2015.

What makes it so special? Have a look at the main page. Combining visual aesthetics and rich functionality, the given design was developed to save your time, money and effort on web development. This is a great example of how modern web design elements can be incorporated into one template, namely elegant ghost buttons, large hero areas, circular design elements, emphasis on typography, through-out content structure, and more. Rich selection of advanced theme options and easy-to-customize interface make it easier to adjust the theme to fit multiple purposes. This means that alongside with building or redesigning a design agency website, the template can be used for online portfolios, architecture, business, interior & furniture or any other niche.

The template is primarily intended for presenting your business in a professional and visually appealing way. When casting a glance at its layout, people will be primarily introduced to the gallery of your recent works. Scrolling down the page they can see the latest updates from your blog, user testimonials section, and Google map indicating your physical location. Fixed header provides quick access to other pages of your site, whereas back-to-top arrow provides for better usability.

You may have a closer look at this freebie and test it for yourself by clicking the demo button below. Browse, check out technical details, enjoy the visual appeal and download the template TOLL FREE.

View demo here | Download here


I believe you’ve been waiting for this day to come for the past two weeks. Now it’s official here – all new Free WordPress Business Template from TemplateMonster. Combining sleek and stylish layout with a bunch of handy features, it will turn web development into an enjoyable experience.

Just cast a glance at its main page. Vivid blue hues opposed to minimalistic dark grey background add special charm to the layout. Content blocks are separated with full-width backgrounds, making it easier to scan the page. Grids are also here to create order among other elements in the website. The reserved, decent look of this template makes if the perfect choice for marketing, IT, consulting, investment, financial, or any other business project.

In many ways, a website design is as important as a business card. The more professional and trustworthy it looks, the more likely people will deal with you. The given template was developed for you to stand above competitors. Its pleasant to the eye color scheme and easy-to-follow interface contribute to this. It’s no secret that visuals play an important role in web design. Even if you are running a business web page, making is appealing is a way to success. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope sliders are all here to please the visitors. What is more, the template has been made fully responsive, is powered by Bootstrap and Cherry Framework.

Does this Free WordPress Business Template meet your needs? View live demo to see it in action.

View Demo Here | Download Here


Not a single week without something fresh and stunning. Guys from TemplateMonster keep on rolling out handy free themes that can help each and every set up a site without writing a line of code. This time they’ve released another awesome free WordPress template best suited for art & photography websites.

It’s no secret that running their own online portfolio or a blog is a win-win solution for photographers, designers, videographers or anyone else working in this creative field. However, building a site from scratch or ordering a custom-made design can be an impermissible luxury. This is when a ready-made template comes in handy. Running on the most popular CMS in the world, this theme allows incorporating a portfolio and blog on one site.

When casting a glance at its home page you’ll see how elegant and stylish it looks. Thanks to the dark background, visuals look even more trigging. Playing with contrast, you can highlight some content blocks with vibrant coral hues, which can not only catch user attention but also add special charm to the layout.

Since the template is primarily intended for art & photography sites, special emphasis has been put on the visual side. From top to bottom, the main page of the theme boasts full-width slider, photo-rich galleries, neat thumbnails accompanying content blocks. The audio player and video integration are here to engage more viewers in and make them get closer to your business. What’s more, you should worry that people won’t be able to see the content you’ve shared on the site. The template is fully responsive, what guarantees the content will be correctly displayed on any screen size.

Easy-to-customize and very functional, the theme can be adjusted to fit any project you are running. Are you a designer, travel agent, make-up artist, videographer or chef? The theme can be customized to meet your particular needs.

Keeping the design element to a minimum yet maintaining a modern style, the theme puts your work first. Click live demo to see it in action or push the download button to start working on your online portfolio right away.

Demo | Download here


When starting designing a restaurant website, what will you put your mind to? Why do people visit such places? To relax, enjoy delicious dishes, have good time with friends and simply for the ambience. To better introduce the audience to your eatery and arose desire to visit it, restaurant websites can be really useful for the dining business. Here people will have an opportunity to be acquainted with your style, services, menu and even interior. They may feel the atmosphere of your restaurant and make orders and reservation. To create a warm welcome and attract new visitors, here is a Free WordPress Restaurant Theme from TemplateMonster for your consideration.

You can make use of this design for adding spicy feel to your restaurant, cafe, cocktail bar, culinary school, recipes or any other food-related website. Combining appealing look with feature-rich essence, this theme allows starting a powerful resource that will help your business stand above competitors. In particular, it boasts blog & portfolio options, audio & video integration, a number of custom widgets for better commenting and social sharing, Accordion, Carousel, Isotope gallery scripts. What is more, it’s powered by the most recent version of Cherry Framework: 3.1.4, meaning that you will have no difficulty with installation and management of your site.

When you cast a glance at its layout, you’ll see a very inviting and yummy home page. Mouthwatering images of dishes in menu, recipes and the design of your restaurant will hardly leave anyone indifferent. The home page is well-structured and easy to navigate, which provides for better usability. Informative content blocks make it easier for the audience to learn more about your establishment, whereas the integrated blog section allows true gourmets investigate the cuisine your restaurant presents.

In order to better take a closer look at what you’ll get after the download, see live demo.

NOTE: TemplateMonster has changed the way you can download Free Themes. Since now, each of such templates can be downloaded through the shopping cart, similar to any other premium design from the inventory. The difference is that you won’t have to enter any credit card details or billing address. The good thing is that in such a way you can create your own account at and enjoy a number of benefits, like regular updates from TemplateMonster blog, latest promos, new releases, etc.

Demo | Download here


For many, writing and editing an impressive CV is quite of a challenge. So, why should you spend tons of time and effort on designing one? Unfortunately, not all job-seekers over there are skilled designers. That is why coding, setting up and bringing a resume to live can be a daunting and time-consuming experience. Taking this into consideration, we have decided to provide each of you with a great starting point for developing an online CV of yours. Using this Free HTML5 One-Page Theme from TemplateMonster, you can effortlessly build a personal page and sell your talents to employers.

Instead of writing several pages of pure text, many employers opt for online CVs. Using these, you can hit two birds with one stone – show off your creativity and promote your skills on the web. Statistics shows an average recruiter spends from 15 to 30 seconds to review a resume. So, the more professional and appealing it looks, the more likely you are to be hired. Ideally, a CV should speak to the point, clearly state your skills and achievements, be well-designed, and give you a good advantage over other candidates. The given theme features all the aforementioned characteristics. Making use of its clean modern layout, any designer, coder, writer, photographer or any other creative personality will find no difficulty in developing a personal web page.

For better scanning, the theme boasts one-page layout. Resembling infographic, it allows placing all information within one click reach. Its smart structure is perfect for presenting various types of content in sections for presenting your skills and word experience, showcasing portfolio, and sharing contact details. Traditionally, the testimonials section has been made bright and vibrant in order to capture attention and help with decision-making. To make your personal page look livelier, you can make use of jQuery scripts like TouchTouch Gallery, Camera Slider, and JQuery Isotop for adding visual knacks.

If you want to have a closer look at this theme and its functionality, welcome to live preview. If it’s exactly what you need for setting up your online resume, hesitate no more to download it right away!

Demo | Download here


The number of people attending dance classes worldwide increases all the time. For some this is a way to express themselves with the help of body moves, for others this is a way to be more active, develop new skills and communicate with the likeminded people. While in the dance club, you can switch off, forget about routine and troubles, and simply relax. Like any other business over there, dance studios need to have solid online presentation in order to provide people with an easy to reach place to learn more about your staff, schedule, etc. To help you with this, we offer to consider this week’s free HTML5 template for dance studio. Building a website with its help, be sure every passerby will stay and stare.

Have a look at this design. It the perfect example of how style and functionality can be balanced in one website. Are you running a dance studio, design club, sport organization or any other business? Then picking this theme you will never lose. Its minimalist layout in pleasant to the eye light purple hues, with sharp graphics and streamlined fonts will present your organization at its best. Lake any other template by TemplateMonster team, this is well-coded, cleverly built theme that is easy to customize. Anyone interested in learning more about you, staff, classes to enroll in, as well as checking out the latest industry news will find no difficulty with reaching the necessary content thanks to the thought-out organization of information on the home page. Clicking any of the banners one will be automatically redirected to the necessary page, absolutely hassle-free.

As you may see, the designer Ivy Green has perfectly combined relaxing color palette with readable fonts to make the content more comprehensive. Making use of Camera Slider and TouchTouch Gallery, she has added a bit of interactivity to the design, making it more interesting to browse.

Make use of this theme to welcome everyone to join the club and bring more friends in. To see it in action, click the demo button or simply download it to start customizing it the way you wish right away.

Demo | Download here


Just like any other non-profit organization, churches need to have clever online presentation. Since their primary goal should be to portray the right message and attract more people to check out what they offer, TemplateMonster team has released an awesome freebie that will help you bring such an organization online without spending much money and effort.

Over the last several years, more and more churches have started figuring out the importance of having a good website. Now even small organizations can afford developing their own web presence with the help of the all-new free HTML5 theme for religious website. The design is easy to customize, so you don’t have to be a coding pro to adjust it to your liking. Here content is organized in such a way that users will be introduced to the full information about your church, its goal, calendar of the upcoming events, location and contact details once coming up with the website.

Now let’s move to the features making it possible to bring new members in. The pleasant to the eye light purple palette sets a positive, calming tone for your site dealing with worship services, activities, etc. Content and visual parts are well-balanced, which allows for better readability and scannability. Easy-to-follow layout guides people in your page, bringing fields that matter the most into focus and guiding user eye from one element to another.

In a word, here every element of the design works for your benefit. Combining pleasant to the eye color scheme, clever content organization, intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, Ivy Green made it possible for every non-profit organization to afford bringing their business online. Click live demo to see the theme in action.

Demo | Download here


TemplateMonter team keeps on treating us with their weekly doze of freebies. This time we are glad to present you a stylish modern design aimed at bringing your business online. Built in the best traditions of minimalism, it doesn’t feature anything to distract viewers from important details. Thanks to its clean and clear structure, the template can be used for building a new or upgrading the existing corporate, consulting, insurance, investment or any other business dealing with marketing. Guess it can become a good starting point for developing a website of your own? Keep reading to get a deeper insight into this Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency.

What’s so important when working on a business web design? Pleasant to the eye layout with focus put on details are the distinctive characteristics of such resources. Making use of the negative space, the theme draws user eye to the things that matter, letting you better introduce the audience to your business.

Striking a balance between visual aesthetics and functionality, the freebie was developed for presenting your company at its best. Thanks to the thought-out organization of content blocks, neat icons and memorable logo, you’ll be able to stick in users’ mind for long. Ivy Green, the designer who brought the idea of clean and minimalist design for a marketing agency to life, managed to make it elegant and contemporary, meeting the latest web design trends. Have a look at the screenshot of the homepage below to be aware of how a website built with it can look like. Want to get a deeper insight in its functionality? You are welcome to check out live demo.

Demo | Download here


What can be a better way of proving your audience that you are a serious company than adding a clean and sophisticated look to your website? First opinion highly matters. So, depending on how well and reliable your webpage looks, one can judge about the future success of your campaign. Today we offer you to consider a contemporary single page HTML5 freebie from TemplateMonster for setting up online portfolio website. Modern users are more sophisticated now than they used to be a couple of years ago. So, the more professionally your web page is designed, the more likely you are to expand your client base.

Have a look at the screenshot of the theme we are talking about. Working on this design, TemplateMonster designer Ivy Green set herself the aim of creating a template that would combine style with functionality. To my mind, she has managed to accomplish it. Built in pleasant to the eye color scheme, the theme is very easy in use and can become a solid base of online portfolio for a wide range of companies, including business, design, architecture, art & photography and more.

What else makes this template so special? The carefully selected color scheme perfectly matched the thought-out layout. Taking into consideration that we are now dealing with a single page design, the designer organized content blocks in such a way that viewers will feel curiosity to keep scrolling down to see where the story goes. Yes, you understood it right. Any website, and online portfolio in particular, is created to tell a company story. This goal can be perfectly achieved with the help of the given freebie. You will be able to capture user attention with a full-width image in the header, then move to other sections displaying timeline, portfolio, list of staff and contact details.

Do you want to present your company at its best and engage more clients in? Then give this theme a try.

Demo | Download here

Professional design with emphasis put on details is exactly what captures user attention when reaching any web resource. Solid online presentation is of special importance for everyone dealing with design and photography business. Here first impression highly counts, so you should do your best to win the hearts of your audience from the first acquaintance with your project. The given freebie for photo site can be a perfect starting point for setting up online portfolio.

Its layout is neither formal nor austere. It is something in between. Making use of blurred background images, ghost buttons, flat colors and vibrant images, creative TemplateMonster designer Ivy Green added some modern, elegant hues to this design. The grid-based structure makes it easier to perceive the information and introduce the audience to the recent and most prominent projects in an easy way.

Another point worth mentioning is the captivating color scheme. Dark hues will never go out of fashion. So, the design we offer you to consider perfectly matches such trend. Playing with contrast, Ivy combined dark gray header and footer areas with light central part. This makes it easier for the view to focus attention on the most meaningful part of your website – portfolio. Organizing artworks in the usable Gallery makes it more convenient for the viewer to look through your projects and form a clear idea about your business.

In a word, if you are looking for the most appropriate solution for showcasing your works and products online, if you are running a design studio or any other project aimed at making this world brighter and more elegant, then this theme is just what you need.

Check out the live demo of this theme and fancy how your web resource based on this design will look like.

Demo | Download here


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