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Most web designs turn into clean and simple today, and Scandinavian style with these notions, as with primary ones becomes extremely popular. Refined, clean & functional – that’s what this trend offers, and this is what you can get within the fresh goodie, Free HTML5 Theme for Restaurant Site.

Whether you’re going to change the look of your project or start the new one, feel free to use this free theme. It’s a perfect fit for sites that deal with food & restaurant sphere of business, but can be also used for any project you need.

Get Inspired!


Let’s look inside this theme to see all the features that can make you interested in it.

  • Scandinavian chic. The muted tones of this layout (olive color of the background and blurred circles) look clean and highly aesthetical. Along with the functionality of this theme (thought-out navigation, well-structured content part), it creates the design that is called a Scandinavian.
  • Circular elements. Rounded shapes are one more trend that is nicely implemented in design you see. All images are placed in circles and thus look pleasant on the eye.
  • Animated Border Menu. In the header you can see three dashes clicking which the menu items are revealed. This menu is created with the help of the following script.
  • Snazzy Map. The Contacts page shows a map in pale colors that perfectly fits the overall color scheme of the theme. This map is taken from Snazzy Map site that offers a variety of options for your great designs.

Now have a look at this theme and enjoy its sleek look.

demo | download

Free HTML5 Theme for Restaurant Site

Autumn was productive and brought a number of cool freebies. We have posted all of them in the weekly series of goodies. Now you can find them in one place – this blog post, so there is no need for you to search elsewhere. 7 Free HTML5 Themes are waiting for you. If you’ve already seen them, enjoy these freebies once again. If not, have a look at them and choose the one you need.

What are They?

Agriculture, design studio, education, food & drink, holiday – these categories are presented in the following compilation of themes. If your project deals with something else, you can easily modify the chosen template according to your needs.

Design’s Bells and Whistles


  • One of the themes is based on the Open framework( Drupal theme with Bootstrap power).
  • Masonry layout is the catchy point of the other. Being 2013 trend, it makes people go mad about it.
  • The next theme goes with jQuery content slider that offers wise categorization of products on the front page.
  • Halloween design is one more little present that is offered for you, guys.

We hope that you liked all of them. If not, have a look at them once again. Click “demo” button to see these templates in live action.

If you have any ideas about the freebies you’d like to see in our collection, drop a line in the comment section.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

demo | download

Free Drupal Open Framework Theme

demo | download

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Make your project look trendy and up-to-date. Dress it up or redesign using the fresh freebie – Free HTML5 Theme for Design Studio. Actually, it can be used for a variety of projects like personal pages, online portfolios, etc. Just a bit of customization will turn it into desired one.

This design makes use of several trends that are so popular for today. The first one is, of course, masonry layout. As you see, the home page is designed using well-organized content blocks where some display featured images from the gallery and the others show menu. While hovering them over, you can see how they are blurred. Clicking the blocks with images, you move to the portfolio page.

The next trend is a minimal style that is used by this design to create clean and effective look. The theme looks uncluttered and a lot of white space points out the content part.

Large typography in the headings draws attention to the blocks of content and emphasizes its key points.

Check out the live demo to see this theme in action. Follow get .psd link to download it for free.

demo | psd

Drupal is open source platform that makes websites based on it really powerful. Open Framework is recently released Drupal theme that brings together Bootstrap potential and easy way of creating responsive layouts. Why I’m talking about it now? Because TemplateMonster has launched Free Drupal Open Framework Theme today, the template that can make your sites based on it work better.

Open Framework is the core of Free Drupal Open Framework Theme, and it means that the latter inherits its full responsiveness and awesome functionality (Bootstrap features). Today’s version Open Framework works on Bootstrap 2.3, but it will be updated to the latest one – Bootstrap 3. If you want to get more information about it, visit:

Open Framework Official Website
Open Framework on GitHub

Open Framework has a sub-theme called Stanford. For today you can find 5 Stanford’s Drupal themes (for Drupal 7), all of them are free and feature Stanford Identity. Five themes are good, but it’s better to have major choice. Here is one more template designed using the Stanford branding identity (vibrant colors and the set fonts), and it’s the one from this post. Click the links to check out free template live demo of this theme, and download it if you like what you see.

live demo | download

Free Drupal Open Framework Theme:

Free Drupal Open Framework Theme

What kind of design will stand out among others? The trendy one that welcomes visitors in with attractive visuals and easy navigation. Want such a site? Then consider the new item in weekly series of freebies – Organic Food Free HTML5 Theme that is a ready-made basis for any agriculture site you may need (fruits, vegetables, farming, gardening, organic food).

The design you see is an original approach to agriculture websites most of which make use of warm color scheme. The choice of clean & clear look was determined by the extreme popularity of minimal design trend. Light gray and white background, transparent textures, a lot of negative space make this theme look up-to-date. You can notice that even fonts in headings and social icons are colored in delicate tones.

Two jQuery sliders (Carousel for Top Products in the right sidebar and Multi-Item for categories in the top) allow to show the viewers the whole variety of products the site offers. The top slider with the nicely separated images looks extremely stylish.

Live demo can show you what future visitors will see at the site.

live demo | get .psd

Follow browsing the post to check out the whole set of pages of the presented here template.


Organic Food Free HTML5 Theme
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Pitch-perfect freebie for style lovers – this is how the fresh goodie can be called. If you are one of those who keep pace with the latest design trends and know a thing about style, this Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme will be interesting for you.

The front face of this theme is clean and effective, and the bunch of its features makes it even more attractive for you. jQuery slider slider for better visual presentation, HTML plus JS animation for smooth effects, TouchTouch gallery with cool zoom for captivating browsing of all company’s works.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme & Your Benefits


Recognizable online presentation. Be sure that using this theme as the basis of your future site, all your services and portfolio will be effectively presented. This design puts emphasis on the mentioned above points, pushing them in the focus of attention.

Comfort navigation. The theme offers thought-out position of all content blocks, making the users’ surf around it seamless and intuitive.

Sleek look. The mix of several colors doesn’t interfere with the perception of the design. They behave harmoniously, putting accents on the key points of the layout and attracting the viewers’ attention.

Seamless customization. Customizing of this theme will not be a headache for you. Everything is already done by professionals and the theme is well-coded. It will take you just a bit of time to bring the desired changes into its body.

live demo | get it

Now have a close look at this freebie. All pages (including the sub ones) are presented in the list below. Just scroll or check out live demo version, enjoy and get this nice goodie completely free.

Front Page

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Any ideas about the forthcoming Halloween? Before you start planning the party time, you can prepare something cooler – a website dedicated to this creepy day. Free HTML5 Theme for Halloween Site – take it to get a site in no time. Customize it easily according to your needs and get the desired eye-candy site.

Theme Features:

What You May Like About This Theme:

  • Flat design colors. This layout makes use of strong colors that are good for visual division of the content, making the information placed there easy to perceive.
  • One more cool feature is the animated typography in the main content part. It is called Typogami. Following the link you can get this nice type and use in the works of your own.
  • In the top-right of the header you can notice the countdown that shows time left till Halloween. This jQuery Countdown Timer is a bit customized and after the holiday it will show all zeros. Use the code following the link to restart counting.
  • History, recipes, decorations, party planning – all you wanted to tell about Halloween you can place on the subpages of this theme.

Hope you like this bootiful freebie. If I’m right, feel free to get its source files and start your own fang-tastic site.

view demo | download

Home Page

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“Sometimes wine is just necessary.”

And good design is always of a great value. I’d like to share with you the goodie that has put together the flavor of a good wine and effective design for its presentation online – Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Template. Starting a wine website, you can easily make use of this theme or customize it to get the desired website for another sphere of business.

Reasons to Like Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Template:


  • Elegant design. Sappy red color makes this layout visually attractive and has a strong impact on the viewers. It is good for wine websites, ‘cause repeats the deep color of red wine.
  • JS Animation. The design looks vibrant due to the usage of cool animation that makes it more entertaining and eye-catching.
  • Slider. Full Screen jQuery Image & Content Slider was used for Home page creation. It offers wise categorization of products presented on the site in tabs and attractive slides on the background.
  • Logo. This custom made logo is the element that is worth your attention.

    It is not one of those that can be picked on sites with free logos/images. Being skillfully made, it can be used in your personal projects or customized according to your needs.

Have a look at the whole set of pages, check out live demo and feel free to download this ready-made theme.

demo | download


Home Page

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Pinterest, Dribbble, StumbleUpon – all these sites are screaming about the lately emerged flat design trend. It has gained its popularity among designers and has become a synonym for a good taste on the web today. If you want to be in trend, choose flat.

We’d like to share with you Free Single Page Theme for Business Site that is perfectly tailored for any type of business online projects.

What makes this design flat?

  • Simple, easy on the eye layout. Simplicity – this is the key idea of flat design. This uncluttered layout without any extra graphic elements underlines the seriousness of the business company and supports the main trend’s idea.
  • Clean forms. All blocks, boxes, buttons, contact form – each part of the layout features clean simple lines and it makes them easy-to-perceive.
  • Attractive typography. Areal, Signika – these are 2 types chosen for this theme. They bring the headings and most important parts of the layout into the focus of attention.
  • Focus on colors. Each page has its own coloring of the background. The chosen colors (soft and faded) are traditional for flat design.

More features of Free Single Page Theme:

What else should be mentioned? This design is single page. This type of layout was chosen with flat principle of simplicity in mind. It gives a clean look, ease of browsing the whole site. Due to the internal links and back-to-top button the visitors can seamlessly surf around the layout. To see how your future site will look like, check out free theme live demo.

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This autumn plenty of fresh freebies are waiting for you. Wait a bit and you’ll get a variety of them, but before let’s review all that goodies that were produced for you during the last three months. These themes were published on our blog in weekly series, and now we’ve packed them in one archive, so you’re welcome to

Download 6 Free HTML5 Themes in One Archive

TemplateMonster designers’ team has created these templates for 6 fields: business, photography & web design, wedding, traveling, agriculture, animals and pets.

The archive you get when download is complete contains source files. So you can bring into them any changes you wish, and get the desired theme. Being skillfylly done, these templates doesn’t require extra coding skills for their customization.

Key Features of 6 Free HTML5 Themes:

  • HTML5, CSS3 Coding
  • Crossbrowser compatibility, Google fonts, Google map.
  • Contact and newsletter forms.
  • jQuery script in slider, gallery, drop down menu, back-to-top button.

Check out this tiny collection and choose the theme that fits your business in the best possible way. Their sleek designs will make your sites stand out the crowd.


Agriculture Free Website Template

demo | download

Free HTML5 Themes


Free Business HTML5 Theme

demo | download

Free HTML5 Themes
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