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The Adobe Photoshop software is essential for anyone who is designing a website. It is the most popular and useful photo editing package available on the market today. This software is being used by amateurs and professionals alike. However, Photoshop will take a long time for someone to master. It is advisable for beginners to familiarize first with the basics such as creating a color splash effect on your images. This Photoshop Tutorial will provide you with the detailed steps on how to apply color splash effect on your photos.

What is a color splash effect?

It is one of the basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop that accentuates certain parts of your image by keeping the selected areas in full color while converting the rest of the photo in black and white.

Here are the steps on how to apply color splash on your images:

1. Select and open your image in Adobe Photoshop

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WordPress themes have become real “chart-toppers” recently. The audience wants them, and the developers are glad to reinvent the huge amount of existing ones. And we want to share with you a bunch of cool themes of this kind that are completely free. If you’ve decided to start a travel website, you’ve hit the right spot – this compilation of Free Travel WordPress Themes will assist you in choosing the best skin for it. All the templates listed here are freebies without the compromising on their quality and attractive layouts. Minimal, clean, grunge and others – these are the design styles you can choose from.

Within the themes you’ll find the following characteristics:

1-2-3 column layout
widgetized areas
large background images
attractive styles
flexible layouts
ability of changing layout and style, etc.

All of them are professionally coded and it means that regardless of your professional skills, you’re able to turn these themes into efficient sites. By clicking the images, you’ll see the themes in live action. Following the links above – move to the page where you can download them.

Ready to see them? Just do it!

NB: Of course, you know where to find more pre-made designs made by TemplateMonster. WordPress themes of premium quality with the emphasis on the visual impact and user-friendliness. Thought-out navigation and good search filters will help your customers find everything they need at your site. Their good execution means easy customization. You only need to choose the theme that fits your business.

P.S. After your brand new theme is installed on your website, why not think about getting some WordPress hosting from Rackspace?


Adventure WordPress Theme


Free Travel WordPress Themes


Round the World WordPress Theme


Free Travel WordPress Themes


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The choice of navigation determines the usability of your site. It’s the way the user interacts with the website, and it should be short and easy. When it comes to designing the layout of mobile version of the site, the question of navigation becomes of the key priority. With so little space, it’s hard enough to do everything correctly, but quite possible.

The main idea of a good navigation is to guide the users to the key areas of your mobile website in no time, and make this journey really interesting. The navigation type should be chosen according to the amount of content you have and the way it is presented.

When choosing the particular type of navigation the following points matter: the screen size, load speed, the size of buttons, the navigation options etc. If you act smartly, you can make your mobile site really user-friendly. It’s a challenging to do it, but let’s try. We want to share with you 15 separated categories of the most used types of mobile web navigation patterns. While browsing these bright examples with descriptions, you’ll find out what type of navigation you need for the mobile version of your website.

The Right-to-Left

Instead of various drop-downs and flyouts, this type of layout features following: you hit the button and the switching menu items goes from right to left or backwards. It looks as if the whole page moves from side to side.




The name “Priority+ pattern” speaks for itself. The essence of this layout is to hide less relevant (menu) items, and to reveal most important ones. All that remains is to press “More” button to see all items.



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They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. And while there may be some truths in it, these realistic logos more often than not come with a sting in the tail. Humorous, highly polished and bitingly clever, this collection of realistic logos take some of the world’s most famous and successful brands and subtly subvert the message. And while they are fun and entertaining, pulling off this kind of visual gag takes a great deal of skill and artistry. Here’s some of the best we’ve seen online recently.

Going straight for the big guns, here’s a twist on one of the most famous and iconic brands the world’s ever seen. It’s a brave designer who faces takes on the Golden Arches, and this perfectly executed example of creative plagiarism is super-sharp and sadly right on the money.

And here we see a twist on what is generally considered to be one of the best visual brands of our generation. World Wildlife Fund or the World Wrestling Federation? Why can’t it be both, like the weird tag team we’ve got here?
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Can you get high quality for free? Definitely “yes!”, if you choose the goodies from TemplateMonster. Free Joomla Car Template is one of them – the ready-made theme created by professionals with your business needs in mind. Being well-coded, it offers you the quick way of starting a website without extra skills.

The contrasting color scheme with blue accents creates the stylish tone and at the same time arouses the feeling of safety. It speaks for the solidity of your company and high quality of its products. Such design tells the visitors that they can trust in this business, and it is worth their attention. The theme is compatible with Joomla 2.5.8, features 2 column layout, and pleases the eyes with HTML Plus JS animation. To get a fresh site, you will need to bring minor changes into the template. Whether you are a business owner, a site developer, or a design studio – it will be quite easy.

Free Joomla Car Template:

St. Valentine’s Day without the usual decorations all over the web seems to be a wrong one. This pink madness lays hands on everything, and our blog is not an exception. We are always happy to bring you fresh portions of inspiration, and this day is one more opportunity to do it. Whether you are a fan of this red-letter day, or not, these attractive logo designs can’t leave you cold. Their effective look is a result of creative touch and good execution. As you see, it’s possible to create a logo for whatever brand with a touch of love and affection. It doesn’t even need to be pink or red, in order to be impressive. You can try to create your own heart-shaped logo, and we hope that you’ll get a super one.

Let us wish you pleasant St. Valentine’s Day one more time. And enjoy watching Heart-Shaped Logos. Collection with a Touch of Love!





Heart for Art


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Photoshop provides its users with friendly atmosphere to work, helps increase their knowledge, enhance beauty of images, make posters, and offers a lot of other options.

Photoshop allows you to add many kinds of brushes to enhance the visual appeal of your images. A set of these brushes brings water color effects into your designs. In some of them you have to use water colors, but you don’t have any choice of using them. With the latest Photoshop brushes you can use many types of watercolor brushes in work in order to make the designs more attractive and very close to natural design. When you start using classical colors you may not be able to get the best results, but the practice will definitely make you an expert.

You will get the best results by using classical water color brushes. Here we have picked all the best 30+ Must Have Free Photoshop Watercolor Brushes which will increase the beauty of your works. You are welcome to download them and add to your collection of the brushes.


WaterColor Extremum



WaterColor Reloaded


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Do you feel it? Yeah, it’s the special mood in the air – the mood of upcoming St.Valentine’s day. Whether you like it or not, it will come and paint everything in pink colors. Don’t be grumpy, enjoy its easy atmosphere and spend it in the nice way.

If you have decided to add a romantic tone to your designs, have a look at this nice free stuff that is created especially on this occasion. Nice vector illustrations, posters, banners, cards, set of brushes, and much more goodies are included in this post. Just look at them – these eye-candy and colorful goodies will turn your works into festive ones, and cause the viewers to flash a huge smile. These St. Valentine’s Day Design Freebies are full of all that recognizable elements of St. Valentine’s day as hearts of different shapes, ornament swirls, arrows, little Cupids, birds, presents.

Feel free to download them following the links below. Decorate your designs with festive tone, and turn on the romance!


Bokeh Pack



Cards Vector


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Logo Designing Trends in 2013

Each year brings fresh design ideas, trends that become popular all over the web. Today let’s focus on logos. The process of creating a logo is an art which demands highly creative thinking and certain professional maturity. This is the very element of design that communicates the key idea of the business and makes the viewers interested in it. This small picture has a big power, and each designer understands it quite well. Redesigning of a logo is a part of company’s life, because times change and call for new novelties in design. Let’s see what main trends will appear in logo designs this year. We’ll use the examples of fresh logos to review them.

What are the Logo Designing Trends in 2013?


Blurred Image Background


You can notice a number of new logos with so pleasant to eyes blurred image background. It creates the nice atmosphere and at the same time brings the retro touch to the whole design concept. The elements placed against this background sound effectively. Being noticed in various brands, it seems to be the new trend in 2013.

Markowicz Hats


Laconic Style


Minimalism is always cool, especially when it is nicely done. Whatever trends there are, well-crafted effective logo will always be in trend. Not overloaded with extra elements, it draws attention to the main point of the company it presents.

O Architecture Designed
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How should good health blogs look like? Of course, it is a trustworthy design that draws the visitors in and gains their favor. If you are looking for the one to build a solid health blog, have a look at Free WordPress Medical Theme from TemplateMonster that is ideal for portraying quality and stability of your site.

Blue color scheme is widely used in healthcare projects, ‘cause it is associated with protection and stability. That is the reason for its usage in this theme. This clean and crisp design speaks for the solidity of your ideas, and increases the trust of the visitors. Place large images in the slider, arrange all the texts in the well-organized content area, add the most important of them to the featured blocks, play with the typography, and you get a ready-to-use website. After all these minor changes, nobody will guess that your site is not a custom made. If you want to preview this theme before you start working with it, check out its free template live demo.

Free WordPress Medical Theme:

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