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Interactive Infographic Revealing All Secrets of Blue Color in Web Design October 3, 2012

Undoubtedly, color scheme is enormously important for your website. The visitors get their first impression of your company seeing the corporate hues. It’s not always easy to make the right choice and affect your users the desired way. We would like to simplify this task for you and share useful and interesting information on color usage in web design. TemplateMonster Coolness of Blue in Web Design interactive infographic will become a great alternative to regular blog posts and articles.

There are plenty of colors designers use in their work, so why our choice has fallen upon the blue one? The answer is obvious – just think about the number of blue chip companies running their business in various spheres, united by general craze for blue color in their web presentations. And they can’t be blamed for that in any case as all of us strive for public brand recognition and trust. Moreover, color psychologists assert that blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, conservatism, authority figures, etc.

If you want to emphasize the quality of your products and stability of your company, blue is the correct choice for the particular users’ perception. You can get to know much more about special features of blue in web design from our infographic, notably:

  • the sites that use blue as their primary color,
  • popular mixes with other colors,
  • the power of blue color in branding,
  • its 55 shades,
  • gender preferences,
  • color meanings by culture

All those points will be very helpful for your initial color selection and new design process start.

The indisputable benefit of this infografic is its interactivity. All the way during your enthralling journey, you will see the multiple prompts, animated elements and visual effects revealing the whole contents of each paragraph. Come on, click, scroll and rollover; squeeze the maximum favor of this goodie and exploit it in your design practice!

(Below you see a static contracted version of Coolness of Blue in Web Design Infographic, at its bottom there is a link to full interactive version.)

blue color infographic
blue color infographic

Please follow this link to view the full version of Coolness of Blue in Web Design Infographic.

* * *

Please feel free to share the tidbits of Blue Color in website design via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other social media. You can also copy the code of .jpg version of this infographic and incorporate it into your web page.

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