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Awesome 3D Cars and Vehicles May 23, 2008

Hi folks! I guess all of you remember our 3D Robots reviews. We have received a lot of positive comments from you and that is why decided to make something presumably outstanding again. This time we have focused our attention on extraordinary and high quality vehicle 3D models.

The whole other story is about the famous Peugeot Design Contest that gathers top 3D Models of concept cars, this a subject for a separate post (see our “Peugeot 3D Models Design Contest Overview“).

Anyways, we have been surfing the Internet for many days looking for interesting works just for you. No more words – enjoy!

* * *

Author: Lemon GT
Soft: 3ds max 8, V-Ray 1.5 RC, Photoshop CS2
Location: Russian Federation


Very insolent and courageous vehicle with huge massive wheels. Personally I wouldn’t mind getting to work in a car like this every morning due to NY traffic jams :)

* * *

Title: Night Searching
Author: yidong li
Location: Beijing, China
Soft: Maya, Photoshop
Portfolio here

Night Searching

This vehicle may first seem funny to you as it looks like a frog, but when you find out that this tank is now in the real Chinese armory, your impression will change :) But to be serious lighting and texturing of tank model and surroundings make this work awesome. Great color, great light, great scene. And an award-winning work by the way.

* * *

Title: City Tram
Author: Anuk
Soft: Softimage XSI, Modo, 3Ds Max, Maya, Lightwave 3D, Photoshop
Portfolio here

City Tram

This model has been produced for SARKE Advertising Company. Great retro style 3D model of a very cute tram. The author was very consistent while working on this model and focused her attention on sticking to the style chosen. I wish I could ride on it.

* * *

Title: Hawk – Progression Two
author: L-X
soft: Cinema4D
DeviantArt portfolio

Hawk - Progression Two

The design of this ultra-modern concept car is simple and yet very realistic and extraordinary! The author did foresee fiberglass outer shell and alloy chassis. That’s all making this model not just a nice picture, but a ready-for-production project with all necessary details. Mouth dropping work!

* * *

Title: Fenrir
Author: Wen-JR
Soft: 3D Max, Vray
DeviantArt portfolio


Very professional model of a bike. At first sight this work reminds me the bikes from the “Final Fantasy X” video game. Both visual design and rendering look really great.

* * *

Title: Conceptuale Ii / Divaise Classic
Author: Yavor Rusev (3D)
Soft: 3ds max, Brazil r/s
Portfolio here

Divaise Classic

A very interesting conceptual model. It looks 3-wheeled from some angle but in fact it is not if you look at it more carefully. Nice and clean design with exquisite lines makes this car look absolutely posh.

* * *

Title: Aggressive Red Concept Car
Author: Renderboy
Soft: 3ds Max, Mental Ray

An ultra modern car concept by our contributor named Renderboy (look at this modern car from different angles and with a 360 degrees rotation). A beautifully produced in the smallest details this great conceptual car has all chances to become real in the nearest future.

* * *

Title: Traktor
Author: Yegor Tsyba (Shiva3D)
Soft: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Darktree, Photoshop
Portfolio here (in Russian)


Are you the ones who wanted conceptual works? Here you go – a Russian tractor represented here is like an industrial monster! A very original concept I’ve never seen before. I’d rather see this thing animated, but rendering is still awesome.

* * *

Title: Sita k4
Author: Schokoladenmann2p3
Soft: Maya, Mental ray
Portfolio here

Sita k4

An awesome bike concept model (at least it looks like a bike). Motion technology is unknown for me, but I like the design itself. Made for the author’s “2200 City without a name” project. Very detailed, great headlight proves it.
(Copyrighted by Tiong-seah YAP . 2008 All rights reserved)

* * *

Title: Porsche 911 Gt2 (993)
Author: Dennis Frick (Germany )
Soft: Cinema 4d R9.1, Photoshop
Portfolio here

Porsche 911 Gt2

One of the most photo-realistic models in this review. A great composition shows the car in motion. Texturing and lighting are simply perfect and give great photo-realism to this work.

* * *

Title: Droid Tank
Author: alex_izm (3D Work)
Soft: trueSpace 7, Vray
Portfolio here (in Russian)

Droid Tank

Droid Tank represented in this work applies to “Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” and is inspired by this great movie. As for me, the main goal for the author in this case was to reproduce the atmosphere of the movie, and Alex_Izm was pretty much successful in that. Congratulations to the author!

* * *

Title: Peugeot Allscape – Feel the Wind
Authors: Un Labriego + Gustavo Ferrero
Soft: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop
Portfolio here

Peugeot Allscape - Feel the Wind

The great Peugeot prototype is created with CINEMA 4D and composed with the help of Photoshop. An awesome modern concept with great lighting, texturing and active post-production makes you actually feel the wind.

* * *

Title: Lunacycle
Author: Brian Rogers
Soft: Rhino, Maxwell Render
DeviantArt portfolio


This great tricycle was made using Rhino plugin, which does a spectacular job of shading. The only texture map in this rendering is the tiled floor. The tire tread and pinstriping is all solid and is modeled in Rhino. By the way this work was chosen as a “Daily Deviation” once on

* * *

Title: Batmobile – The Tumbler
Author: Dhanushka Kodituwakku
Soft: 3DS MAX and Photoshop
DeviantArt portfolio

Batmobile - The Tumbler

Batmobile is a pretty aggressive car model for Batman. Such little things like the details on the tires make this model look truly amazing. I’m sure that this was a tremendous amount of work, but in the end we see a very nice result. So it is worth all of the efforts.

* * *

Title: Im Schuppen (In the Barn)
Author: Peter Buchholz
Location: Germany
Soft: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D, CorelDRAW, Darktree, Photoshop
Portfolio here

Im Schuppen (In the Barn)

An aged image of Land-Rover that needs some repair and is waiting for restoration in a dry wooden barn. One of the great examples when surroundings are just as much important as the model is. Truly an awesome work with great lighting!

* * *

Title: ZAZ Corvire 1970
Author: nailgun
Soft: 3dsmax, Vray, Photoshop
Portfolio here (in Russian)

ZAZ Corvire 1970

A nice attempt to show the generic design features of ZAZ-968 with American auto air stylistics of the 60th , namely Chevrolet Corvire with back-side engine. The formula is simple: radical change is only observed in the roof and glazing; a bit enlarged door opening and landing of the driver change; volume lining on the front panel; slightly fixed air and bumper and added small decorative elements. And everything that can be chromed is chromed :) That’s all you need to make such an excellent retro car!

* * *

Title: BMW5-2004
Author: Deagle
Soft: Alias Studio Tools 13.0 / 3D max8/ Vray / Photoshop.
Portfolio here(in Russian)


Do you think it’s a picture? I also thought so but this is a really unbelievable photo-realistic 3d-model! Have you ever seen such realism before? I haven’t. Elegant, exclusive style that is typical of all BMW vehicles is well emphasized in this work, with light and shades successfully used.

* * *

Title: Jeep Willys
Author: Stain
Soft: Max 9, Vray, Photoshop
Portfolio here(in Russian)

Jeep Willys

Jeep Willys – the veteran of World War II. One of the best SUV of that time due to its reliability and practicability. The author gave us a possibility to see Jeep Willys in 40th surrounding. Good job!

* * *

We have done our best to collect all of these unbelievable vehicles from 3D artists from all over the world just for you and we will highly appreciate your comments. We also want to share with you the great source of Car Clipart from for your online projects. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and excitements about this post in comments. Hope to see you later on this blog, we promise here you’ll find more and more stuff that will interest you.

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  • WiIOoo

    I’m pretty sure the fenrir is based off the bike Cloud rides in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

  • Alfred

    Really liked this site and the content.
    Got here from stumble upon on the robots page

  • realest

    That Traktor is like metal spider, very nice and realistic.

  • your neighbor

    Great models and great list!

  • zero-kill


  • Don Kanonji

    The “Fenrir” bike IS the Final Fantasy bike. Cloud’s bike is called Fenrir. The name’s derived from Norse mythology.

  • Jesse Morales

    i like the gren bug and the red scooter and the other ones were tight thanks for the website it’s cool

  • Botulism

    Since when is the tank from the Metal Slug games (as seen in the picture Night Searching) a part of the real Chinese Armory?

    Somehow I don’t think so.
    But it’s a kick ass picture non-the-less, and now I want to play Metal Slug. Cheers.

  • slippery pete

    It looks like the Traktor(8th from the top) could actually be constructed and work.I’d love to see it done.I like it a lot,thanks.

  • YouLee

    Awesome and inspiring collection indeed! I’ve noticed a lot of Russian 3d artists – ‘Traktor’ by Yegor Tsyba is one of the most striking as for me. ‘City Tram’ by Anuk is the cutest one. And I’d like to go for a spin in ‘ Insect Race Car’ by Gekko! Thanks!

  • admin

    We are glad to see that you people love this list so much.

    As for the critical remark about the Willys Jeep – we agree that the correct version would be “Willys Jeep”, it’s just that the 3D author (who is Russian) has named this work Jeep Willys, I mean we are not the authors to change the artwork’s name so we had to call it the way it is. Thanks for the note though, it’s a nice thing we have reminded several people of this good old vehicle :)

  • lol

    the 2nd one, the metal slug one was the nicest

  • K

    Its Corvair not corvire.

  • Chaos Aurion

    WiIOoo is right, the Fenrir motorcycle is from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • john breeden

    these cars are cool

  • chad hurley


  • siddharth

    i nvr knw tht photoshop was used at such a high level of animation……..

  • Matthew Chapman

    i would like to talk to you about building one of your cars. as in an actual car if you could mail me if your interested cheers.

  • Karl Weis

    This Insect Race Car should go into production by on of the big three. It looks great.

  • http://google JAMES BROWNE

    the cars were very cool

  • ubs

    There actually is a spider-like tractor in mass production, for years now.

  • Fenrir addict

    Fenrir is not based on Cloud’s bike….It is clouds bike, The name of the bike in the movie is Fenrir for those who don’t know, the minor cosmetic differences are probably either small mistakes in memory, or a bad view from the picture he was working off of, It is very hard to get acceptable views of the whole bike, and can be very frustrating, especiallyy for someone who is trying to recreate it into an actual bike.

  • Xiao

    Thanks for the great post! :)

  • Old Tractors for Sale

    Nice looking blog. Which template are you using? Nice post as well!

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    sharing this great post. Keep up your work.

  • Krunal Vaghela

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    informations….. now i find what i want to know….. thanks…..

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