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Video And Music Player Apps for Android May 25, 2011

I guess it is hard overestimate the role of media content in the web industry today – we adore quality sound and video. Android OS is one of the leading mobile platforms today and it keeps conquering more and more devoted fans all over the world. From the very beginning Android couldn’t boast with the wide range of various applications that improve user’s experience in the media content niche. Of course it was only temporary situation and now we can state that Android users have huge choice of various applications. Here we have collected some of the most popular and useful applications that are connected with the playback of video and audio files. Well, you can enjoy your favorite songs and videos using default Android player – it has very simple and user-friendly interface and supports most popular codecs and formats. But if you want to have more powerful and efficient player – check out this list and maybe you’ll find something interesting for your Android phone.

1. Winamp



Winamp for Android offers full wireless desktop sync (Winamp 5.6 required), iTunes library import and ShoutCast support.

* * *

2. Cinema



This is another great video application for Android. Among its functions we must mark out saved spots (you’ll go back to where you stopped watching), interesting method of pausing and seeking.

* * *

3. MortPLayer


This is media player created especially for audio books fans. It has separate folders, save+restore position for every track and comfortable bookmarks system.

* * *

4. TuneWiki


TuneWiki is a social media player that supports ShoutCast, shows subtitled lyrics while listening music, has integrated Twitter and Facebook options.

* * *

5. DoubleTwist


This is oen of the most powerful media applications for Android. This is all-in-one application for music, radio and video. You can synchronize your mobile app with same application for Mac/PC.

* * *

6. MixZing


MixZing has few useful options which make your media surfing comfortable. We are sure that you’ll love lock-screen widget to control player while phone is locked, batch playlist editing and tag editor for most file types.

* * *

7. Video Player


This video application plays videos from your SD card. Simple and efficient user-interface would help you to easily navigate and play your favorite videos.

* * *

8. Meridian


Another one great media player with a bunch of great features including search lyrics option, subtitle ID3 edit, rating , extra info, etc.

* * *

9. VLC Media Player


Well, I guess there is no need to present this software because its names says it all – one of the most popular open source projects. This cross-platform multimedia player is now available on Android.

* * *

10. Queek Music Shuffler

Queek music shuffler is a great tool for music fans because if you have tons of quality music on your phone this software will help you to enjoy it in the best way.

* * *

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