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Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy 3D Characters! October 24, 2008

This blog post is a collection of creative works incorporating imaginative elements not found in contemporary reality. Here you will see settings in the future, in alternative time lines, on other worlds. You’ll meet horrifying aliens, extraordinary robots, monsters, goblins and other imaginary animals and creatures.


It’s difficult to explain what science fiction is, so I started searching and found out that there is no full satisfactory definition. As Lester Del Rey wrote, there are no easily delineated limits to science fiction. The author Mark C. Glassy said once: “You don’t know what it is, but you know it when you see it.” But I like Rod Serling’s definition best: “Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science Fiction is the improbable made possible.” As you see, everyone defines these notions in his own way. So, don’t judge the author of this article strictly, if some of the images seem inappropriate to you.


* * *
Title: His Majesty Vega
Author: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Location: Italy
Software: 3D Studio MAX
Portfolio here


His Majesty Vega by Alessandro Baldasseroni


This work was created by Alessandro Baldasseroni, digital modeler and texture artist from Italy. Go to his online portfolio to view more images.


* * *
Title: One Last Time
Author: Steven Hagg Stahlberg
Location: USA
Software: Maya
Portfolio here


One Last Time by Steven Hagg Stahlberg


The girl on the picture is really portrayed well. She is so delicate and tender in opposition to the horrifying snake.


* * *
Title: Bick’s alien
Author: Richard Rosenman
Location: Ontario, Canada
Software: ZBrush, 3dsmax 8.0, VRay, After Effects.
Portfolio here


Bick’s alien by Richard Rosenman


The alien was modeled and textured using ZBrush, rigged and animated in 3dsmax 8.0, and rendered with VRay 1.47.03. It was composited with After Effects.


* * *
Title: Mammoth
Author: Unoce Lee
Location: China
Software: 3D Studio MAX 3.0
Portfolio here


Mammoth by Unoce Lee


This image is so vibrant and colorful, so I couldn’t just pass by it. Enjoy!


* * *
Title: Lox the Goblin
Author: Andreas Goralczyk
Location: Germany
Software: Blender
Portfolio here


Lox the Goblin by Andreas Goralczyk


This 3D image was created by Andy Goralczyk, art director of the Open Movies Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny. Andy currently studies at the University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany.


* * *
Title: Backtokado
Author: Laurent Pierlot
Location: USA
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Deep Paint, Digital Fusion, ZBrush.
Portfolio here


Backtokado by Laurent Pierlot


The author’s aim was to use all the softwares he knows especially ZBrush. This still was made for Expose 3.


* * *
Title: Fear of the dark
Author: Patrick Beaulieu
Location: Quebec, Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop
Portfolio here


Fear of the Dark by Patrick Beaulieu


Fantastic cartoon character created by Patrick Beaulieu. It looks so friendly and harmless.


* * *
Title: Snailmaster
Author: Pascal Blanché
Location: Canada
Software: 3D Studio MAX 3.1
Portfolio here


Snailmaster by Pascal Blanche


Pascal Blanché is a 3D Artist, Art director and freelancer. He started his career in 1993 at TILT magazine, a video games magazine and then worked in the video game field for twelve years for companies such as Virtual Xperience, Xilam, Haikus Studios and also Sony.


* * *
Title: Android
Author: Gekko’s Profile


Android from


This cute 3D android is made by one of our contributors, aka Gekko. You may purchase this 3D model by following this link: Android 3D Model.


* * *
Title: Slimer, a class 5 full roaming vapor
Author: Ewoud Heidanus
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray
Portfolio here


Slimer by Ewoud Heidanus


This image is made using Maya with a little bit of mood tweaking. Rendering is done in Mental Ray and the passes are combined in Fusion.
* * *
Title: E.T
Author: Niklas Ström
Location: Sweden
Software: 3D Studio Max 4.0
Portfolio here


E.T by Niklas Strom


This alien looks kinda sad. The author skillfully conveyed the mood.


* * *
Title: Wasteman
Author: Hanno Hagedorn
Location: Germany
Software: 3dsmax 4.2
Portfolio here


Wasteman by Hanno Hagedorn


This 3D image impressed me by its dynamism and nice rendering. Good work!


* * *
Title: Uruh – The Dark Crystal
Author: Eddie Ellis
Location: Ventnor, United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush
Portfolio here


Uruh by Eddie Ellis


Influenced by the mystical movie of Jim Hensons “The Dark Crystal” by, Eddie Ellis created this original 3D image of Uruh, especially for his son.
* * *
Title: Mandibule, Sato
Author: Laurent Pierlot
Location: USA
Software: 3ds max.
Portfolio here


Mandibule by Laurent Pierlot


Another great work by Laurent Pierlot. Graphic design and 3D animation are the spheres of his prime interest. Laurent got a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Digital Director.


* * *
Title: Ant
Author: Sky Walker
Software: 3d Max, Brazil
Portfolio here


Ant by Sky Walker


This cartoon style 3D ant was created by Sky Walker for some company advertising.


* * *
Title: Animal Like 3D Model
Author: Gekko’s Profile


Animal Like 3D Model from


Another great work of our contributer Gekko. You may purchase this 3D model by following this link: Animal Like 3D Model.


* * *
Title: Sammy
Author: Richard Rosenman
Location: Ontario, Canada
Software: ZBrush, 3dsmax 8.0, VRay, After Effects.
Portfolio here


Sammy by Richard Rosenman


From Richard Rosenman’s website: ” Sammy travels the galaxy with his sidekick Charlie for the sole purpose of “disturbing the peace”. He is known by many as “The Troublemaker”, or more simply put, “The Troubler”. Sammy peddles faulty weaponry and defective warp engines for income, often reselling such scrap for more than ten times their worth.”


* * *
Title: Goblin Dudette
Author: Balazs Kiss
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Software: Mental Ray, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush
Portfolio here


Goblin Dudette by Balazs Kiss


One of the frightful and horrifying 3D images.


* * *


Thant’s it! Hopefully, everybody have found something new and interesting for himself / herself. Cheers!


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  • Helen

    Nice collection! Really like the character of ‘The fear of the dark’ – so cute! Keep up the good work!

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  • IGPNicki

    This is a very interesting collection. Thanks!

  • Tschai

    Some of them are really cool…

    But as a sci-fi/fantasy lover, I’ve seen a lot of more amazing. Maybe I should blog ’bout that…

  • web design company

    Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy 3D Characters!

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  • Dawid Michalczyk

    A nice collection, I especially like the artwork by Pascal Blanché.

  • web design london

    It’s interesting really, i never knew there were so many ways to define science fiction.

    The images are amazing and I wish I knew where one would start trying to create something like that.

    Some of the images remind me of the film Never Ending Story

  • Graphic Design Conferences

    Those designs are amazing. I espescially like the one of slimer.

  • Andy

    Good job. Interesting information about studios and softs! Adobe isn’t very popular ))

  • Richard Garrison

    The slimer picture I liked. It was so finely detailed that I can see some of the finer wrinkles and indentations in the picture.

  • Uhl

    That was a good reading and informative. You obviously know your stuff!

  • Zivile

    Great images!! I found another place where are a lot of awesome 3D models

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