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5 Outdated Web Design Trends September 12, 2012

The world of web design has always impressed with its diversity and the variety of new technologies that frequently appear. Just in a short period of time you can notice the red-hot innovations that are implemented by professionals here and there. To be in the mainstream, you should keep abreast of the latest trends that form the profound background for the future progress of design. What is popular for today? What points should you avoid of? What are the Outdated Web Design Trends? You should know the answers for the mentioned above questions not to become the outsider of web design community. Let’s see what 5 Outdated Web Design Trends you can easily put away, and make your designs even better without them.

Web2.0 Elements

This is a trend of the days that have already gone. It is no more effective way for expressing your design ideas, and it can be said that it performs some uncomfortable things like imposing the exaggerated glossy look to the visual line. It brings some distortion in the designs, thus making them not acceptable for the visual recognition. Modern designs strive for clean and clear presentation of the content, to the lack of gaudy elements and comprehensive communication with the viewers. Make your designs fresh and easy-to-perceive!


Flash animation is no more the element that will grab the attention of your visitors. Comparing to other technologies, the same effects created with Flash require more time to load and more resources from the computer of the user. Try to use the up-to-date technologies like JavaScript and HTML5 will give you the same cool effects. Just use the regular graphic presentation of your information and make the work with your site easier.

Intro with No Skipping

It’s not polite to make others wait. The introduction to your site that makes your visitors yawn is not a good solution. The more quickly they get the desired information, the more user-friendly your site will be, and the more visitors it will get. Even if you have the intro that is not a short one, give your visitors an option to skip it.

Oversized Feed Icons

All the icons you use in your designs should play their own part in it, blending with its whole concept. If you want to put the extra accent on it, place in the appropriate place. It’s not a good idea to oversize it, making as large as possible. It has no sense to irritate your visitors with unreasonably huge elements of your design, like oversized feed icons. Make them clean and attractive, it’s all you need to attract attention.


The idea of your design is to present your business ideas in clear and comprehensive way. Of course, it should be visually attractive, but don’t turn it in the piece of art with amount of ornaments, floral elements and rich vegetation. It’s great for the artist’s canvas, but not for the design. You can find plenty of other cool styles that will help you bring your ideas into life.

Browse this compilation of 5 Outdated Web Design Trends and be sure to avoid them for the sake of your great designs!



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  • Dietmar

    Haha :),
    no oversized feed icons. Funny you did this to your website. Take a look at your sidebar;)

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