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5 Interviews for Web Designers that are Worth Reading September 19, 2012

What are the ways you get the information you are interested in? Reading analytical articles, books can become a boring pastime that doesn’t give you anything else, but a headache. Far more interesting is reading about the experience of competent people who know a thing about what they are talking about, and tell about it in the captivating way. They give you all the information about the question in simple and comprehensive manner, with bright examples and interesting descriptions. The interviews of famous web designers, developers, bloggers etc. help find out all the aspects of the themes you are interested in, and get inspired with their great ideas, and, perhaps, make use of the solutions that they offer in certain spheres. Here we’ve compiled a set of 5 Interviews for Web Designers that are Worth Reading for you to be abreast of the latest online trends. So, get comfortable and be ready to dive in the inspirational world of creative ideas!


Good Design is Invisible an Interview with iA’s Oliver Reichenstein


Oliver Reichenstein, the founder of Information Architects, the Tokyo, Zurich, and Berlin-based design agency that is known for iOS and Mac app development, answers multiple questions regarding design and development. You’ll find his opinion concerning such issues as typography, user interface design, influences, and a number of others in this really captivating interview.



Eric Meyer on the Past Present and Future of CSS


Eric Meyer, co-founder of An Event Apart, stands at the very beginnings of CSS back in 1990s. In the interview that is presented here he recounts the history of CSS, recollects what it was like at that time, gives the overview of what it is today and makes forecasts about its future.



Elliot Jay Stocks on “Typography Out”


Viewport Industries is the fresh brainchild of Elliot Jay Stocks who is known as the web designer and creator of the popular type magazine 8 Faces. As Tom May’s interviewee, he answers a number of questions about redesigning of Smashing Magazine, ‘typography out’ and tells interesting facts about how print informs the web.



Ethan Marcotte on Responsive Web Design


Here is the example of the brisk interview that is focused on the huge trend of the modern online world – responsive web design. Jeffrey Zeldman talks to Ethan Marcotte, the guru of responsive web design, to find out the best ways of putting the mentioned above trend into practice. Interesting facts, great ideas and useful tips – all these things are to be found in the following interview.



Jacob Cass Explains How He Built A Successful Web Design Blog


Disney, Jerry Seinfeld, Red Bull, Nike all these companies and a number of others are the clients of this talented multidisciplinary designer and art director Jacob Cass, whose interview you can find here. For today he also runs Logo of the Day, a logo gallery website that showcases the most successful logo designs from all existing, and Logo Designer Blog. Here he reveals the secrets of effective brand building, explains the possible ways to construct the massive social media following and gives wise tips on how to make money from the website using his own example.


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  • Kundan Bhardwaj

    Thanks a ton folks for sharing the interviews. It is kind of live show going in front of  you when you read an interview. I loved it more because I am a web designer admirer myself.

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