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22 of the Most Striking 3D Robots Ever! April 23, 2008

It appears to be that 3D robots presented here at are not the only ones that are worth attention. We have collected several interesting works from all over the Internet that we think you should see. Truly beautiful and of high quality – that’s what they are. Enjoy!


Title: Optimus Prime
Name: Kevin Bao
Location: Shanghai, China
Website: (Chinese)
Area(s) of expertise: Lighting, Modeling, Texturing


The scene is created with Maya and rendered in MentalRay. The image is composed with the help of Digital_Fusion and Photoshop. The use of classical Dong Feng truck, great lighting and texturing bring the feeling of amazing realism to the 3d robot.


Title: Obsolete
Name: Pawel Hynek
Country: Cracow, Poland
Profile: Pawel Hynel Profile

About his inspiration Pawel says that “It was somehow inspired by Battlestar Galactica and idea of Cylons. Creation of man, abandoned by him. Where lays the border of responsibility for our deeds?”


Model is created with 3ds max and rendered in Vray. The bittersweet message of today’s reality behind this rather original scene is delivered to us with the help of great attention paid to details of the 3d robot – the rust and dirt – along with impressive shades and lighting. Modelling and technique work is excellent. Yet, the pose seems to lack some weight and the bike seems to need some dirt or rust on it, too.


Title: Automaton
Name: Kazuhiko Nakamura
Country: Kanagawa, Japan
Kazuhiko Nakamura Website


Modeled and rendered in Shade, and used “Total textues CD” for the texture mapping, the scene looks disturbing and horryfying, mysterious and beautiful in its carefully executed grunge colors and deem lighting – just perfect for the genre of surrealism. Meticulous modelling and the overall complexity is stunning. The buzzsaw tongue of the 3d robot on the left looks especially expressive.


Title: Unpredictable Contact 2
Name: Wei Ming
Country: Beijing, China
Area(s) of expertise: Compositing, Design, Illustration, Matte Painting
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop


“Just draw what you like to draw.” my mother told me . Thereupon i’ve been using my pen to create something new, and build my world.

Modeled in 3ds max, the scene impresses with its detailed matrix style, which requires great patience and time. Still the image feels a bit bulky and questions the functionality of such detalization. The textures and lighting are nice and smooth with the shining on the metal.


Title: The War Machine
Name: Ted Terranova
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max


Intriguing concept. Great modelling, texturing, and composition. Separate elements look really cool, such as dust, fire and the sky. But the building on top of the robot looks tacked on the design. And tower on the background seems to need a bit of shading to look more realistic. Nicely done nevertheless, no doubt about that.


Title: Tiny Robot
Name: Beskhodarny Eugene
Country: Russia
Area(s) of expertise: Modeling, Animation, Rigging


Modeled in Maya 6.5, this 3d robot looks rather human-like and cute. Its childish expression along with these big deep eyes carries so much character. Low camera angle and the soft muted lighting make the whole scene very touching and dream-like. Besides, the texture and rendering are very nice.


Title: Monkey On Your Back
Name: Pär “Pelle” Tingström

Country: Sweden
Location: North London, United Kingdom
Software: Maya
The image is made in Maya and rendered with mental ray.


The dark lighting combined with black and dirty-green colors and creepy 3d monsters in twisted poses create a horrifying experience of the image. Very well done from the technical point of view, and the overall concept is striking! Reminds a little of the ‘Aliens’ movie and ‘DOOM’ video game.


Title: Robot
Name: Liu Zhiji
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay


Drawing on the ‘I, ROBOT’ manuscript, the 3d robot by Liu Zhiji is still very original in its concept. Stylized in somewhat Egyptian look, it demonstarates exquisite design and elegant color scheme. The subtle lighting and smooth texture add to the delicate feel of the scene.


Title: Metamorphosis
Name: Kazuhiko Nakamura
Country: Kanagawa, Japan
Kazuhiko Nakamura’s Website
Modeled and rendered in Shade and textures in Photoshop.


Inspired by Kafka’s novel “Metamorphosis”, Nakamura’s provoking 3d robot breaks the mind with its gorgeous detail and lighting work. Excellently modelled and rendered, the image strikes with its ‘realness’ – one can unwillingly have willys watching the spiders, wasps and insects hiving on human’s face! So surreal!


Title: The Last Of The Leaves
Name: Meats Meier
Country: United States
Software: ZBrush


Both, intimidating and hopeful, this scene is rather unique in its depiction of conflict between the nature and technology. The feeling, mood, pose, and technique all look gorgeous and stylish, the 3d robot itself along with the ground are so much complex in their details! Truly amazing!..


Title: Jack
Name: Marco Di Lucca
Country: Italy


One of few fantastic examples of beautifuly designed and rendered 3d portrait. You don’t get to see 3D models carrying so much character and personality very often, as it’s not an easy thing to do! And you know what – it does resemble Jack Nickolson a lot! Great job!


Title: Hunting Toy-Muharraqi-Studios©
Name: Khalid Al-muharraqi
Country: Bahrain
Software: After Effects, BodyPaint, LightWave 3D
Personal Profile here


“Everything begins with the imagination,” says Khalid, “so when I work, I try to create what I have imagined it in my thoughts which is an impression based on reality.”

Great quality 3d robot presents unique character combining stylish design and arabic tradition of bird hunt, where birds hunt only birds and no ground animals, and therefore do not have crooked claws. And if for someone it doesn’t look natural – you just haven’t been to the East and seen their birds!


Title: Character
Name: Lahodong
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max 6.0


Rather funny-looking 3d robot, though resembling too much Mike Wazowski – the green monster with a cycloped eye from ‘Monsters, Inc’. The design and shade is nice, but the blue lightning and low contrast make the scene look ‘washed-out’. Also, seems to need some more work on the pose – too ‘robot-ish’. And the concept isn’t clear, to be honest.


Title: Robot-Skeleton
Author: Gekko

See Gekko’s Profile
Software: 3Ds Max, Mental Ray

A 3D Model presented here at (see this Skeleton Robot in different angles and 360 degrees rotation) by our contributor who calls himself Gekko. A beautifully produced in the smallest details this alien-alike character still has a kind smile on his metal face.


Title: Machineflesh Runner-Up
Name: Bernardo Delgado
Location: Colima, Mexico
Portfolio here
Modeled in Max 6 and Silo


The concept deserves giving a hand – fresh and present-day. The pose is excellently done, and the muscles are rather natural. The atmosphere is very energetic. It’s just the feet that seem to be a bit too small for such body – other than that, the 3d robot is amazing.


Title: Machineflesh Entry
Name: udom ruangpaisitporn
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Portfolio here

Area(s) of expertise: Illustration, Modeling, Lighting, Compositing, Texturing, Design


Being constructed of blended elements, the 3d robot is very unusual in its Indian goddess look. The design is elegant, the scene is artistic, and the texture is fluid. Even though a robot the woman yet remains very feminine. A nice harmony, hooray for the author! :)


Title: The Spacedocker
Name: Jerome Lionard
Country: Paris, France
Software: 3dsmax, Photoshop
Portfolio here

The character design is interesting its somewhat retro look. The colors fit it just right, but the lighting is too dark at the bottom of the image making it rather hard to ditinguish the details of robot’s legs and hands. Also, the image looks a bit grainy and flat. But the helmet is soooo cool!


Title: Yellow&Black Bouncer Robot
Author: Renderboy

See Renderboy’s Profile
Software: VRay,3Ds Max

Another local 3D model from (see this 3D Model of a Robot in different angles and 360 degrees rotation). This fella with massive feet and hands is truly a some kind of a bouncer in a robo-world. Faceless to some extend (because all of the face parts are combined into a one big strip with red lights) he yet looks very realistic due to how well all of the details are made.


Title: Gladiator
Name: Pascal Blanche
Location: France; Montreal, Canada


The yellow lighting works amazing! The angle could have been better though, but still it’s a tremendously complex work with great details. Besides the character itself is so charismatic!


Title: Nanofly
Name: James Small
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Portfolio here


This 3d robot was complitely scratch built to a customer’s liking and according to his specifications, and this is high quality model – both technicaly and visualy. The metallic color and shine look especially convincing. The texture seem to be a bit grainy though.


Title: Spider RNTC version
Name: Arseniy Chebynkin
Location: Rybinsk, Russian Federation
Portfolio here
Software: max, mr, ps


The composition is great. The Model has so many different parts and details – amazing. The fire lighting is also great, very impressive. A superb work – detailed, but not overloaded.


Title: Female Robot
Author: Gekko

See Gekko’s Profile

Software: 3Ds Max, Mental Ray

Also a model from (see this Female Robot 3D Model product page with different angles and 360 degrees rotation). This young lady (or maybe not too young – no one knows) has it all – all of the rotation and movable mechanisms are beautifully done. Yet this robo-chick still looks very feminine.


We will highly appreciate your comments and thoughts about this collection. Perhaps you will want to suggest some additional works that you think are also worth attention. Anyways, every single thought and comment is appreciated here :)

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  • Bernardo Delgado

    I promise I’ll remake my robot =) haha, I’ve been really busy for some years but remaking it is one of my projects, in this case the robot in my pic was my first character model, never tought it would have such impact, but I still feel I have to make honor to my picture and rebuild it. :) greetings

  • wanty

    You have got to see this one too:

  • admin

    We’re glad to see one of the Top-rated works authors here, that’s an honor for us :)
    Remember, Bernardo – even though you will rebuild your work it is still among the Top-22 and will remain here forever.
    Be sure to check back to our Blog, we promise we will have more inspiring posts for you.

  • FLEApper

    It’s a shame that you’ve missed this work in your review:
    Robot Carriste by Christophe Bouchet.
    Also with a great detalization and colors.

  • canisarez

    Yes, that one by Christophe really is good, an award-winning work.
    Besides that there is also a great work named “Mad Scorpio” by some russian 3d artist. Here it is:

  • Nando

    Yeah, that Scorpio thing is a great work! I really don’t get why it was not included into your TOP-22!

  • Melissa

    This little fella is also very nice:
    Yes, maybe the work is not that complicated, but he is still so damn sweet! :)

  • TAGawa

    You people also forget this 2 good workes. They too done by russians i think. Look:

    The first is some award winner also. The second robot is a little smaller but he is more realistic to my mind, the first is very futurist. I think they had to be presented in your review. They are good! Don’t you think so?

  • admin

    Ok, people, I’m convinced! :)
    Most of the works you’ve mentioned here really do deserve being presented in our top list. That is why we are now open for your suggestion considering the updates to our list.
    As soon as we have enough works we will post a second review of the best 3D Robots. We can make it all a Top-30 (or Top-40 or whatever else that would be).
    Anyways, feel free to suggest! :)

  • Gregory

    This one is also very good:
    A big robot, very complicated and it will be good for example for computer games, they usually use 3D models with textures like in this case.

  • Chris

    In another post on this blog (the one about wallpapers) I’ve read that there actually will be a second part of this review. The author said that it’s gonna be in a day or two.
    Anyways, I’m glad to hear that! Can’t wait to see them! :)

  • Lou The Welsh

    I found some interesting robots at your website, I guess you should definitely consider inlcuding them into the second part of that review.
    I’m talking about these ones:

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  • sean

    the reason why robots look so good is that the human eye has nothing to compare them to. if a computer tried to render a leaf it still would never look as real as the real thing. since there are so many fractalline elements. you would have to design software that would process cell structure.. i am convinced computers can render cells easily because none of us have really seen them. if a computer could build a model from the cell up and incorporate it into a convincing set of physics programs including wind, atmosphere, light, gravity.. then 3d modeling would take on a quantum leap of believability but until then i would recommend sticking to doing what the computer loves doing best right angles and robots. `;)

  • Rodger

    the entry titled “jack” look a lot like the character “Andrew” played by Robin Williams from the movie ” Bi-Centennial Man”

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Optimus Prime is so cool

  • Jurgen

    wow… just love robots!

  • Vermaak

    If you don’t already know of it then the music video All is full of love by Bjork, directed by the genius Chris Cunningham, features Bjork as a robot in one of the most emotionally striking robot videos I have ever seen.

    Great selection of robots I have to say

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  • Robert

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  • jeroen

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    AWESOME! especially number 14. VERY inspiring!!!

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    *I must say that your collection is really mind blowing and Khalid’s creativity is an impressive one.

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