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35+ Mobile Emulators & Simulators February 14, 2011

Recently we’ve told you about 10 Efficient tools to test your website on mobile devices. A few days ago I’ve stumbled upon a nice source which brings us excellent choice of similar tools and now we are glad to share this useful stuff with you. This list contains 35+ applications that are mostly emulators for mobile devices OS – and they’re all desktop versions, unlike the online tools presented by us several weeks ago. Here you can choose and download desktop applications that will help you to test your apps on almost any mobile device or tablet. Of course, testing a website on a standalone emulator may seem not as much convenient as testing it online, but in case you’re going for a serious website and you need to test it for every environment – this set of emulators is vital for you. Why? Because there’s just not enough online tools out there to help you test it all on any platform. You’ll either have to forget about some platform or install standalone emulator and test it.


The whole list is visualized in the table which presents useful information about each tool for the developers and web designers. For example you can check the official/unofficial status of the OS for every particular device, name and type of a platform, compatibility, native and browser testing information. We believe that this awesome list would be a real treasure for all web designers and developers that appreciate their time and efforts and that are serious about browser compatibility of their websites. Good luck and Kudos to the guys who compiled this list!

Besides, our partners from TemplateMonster have recently published an article exploring the most conspicuous mobile web design trends for 2011. You might be interested to have a look at them and find some graphic approaches to consider for your custom mobile designs.

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