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10 Most Inspiring Web Design Pinterest Boards September 4, 2012

I am a self-confessed web design addict. Logos, typographic designs, themes and layouts – all of it brings me far more joy than is probably healthy. I spend more time looking at other people’s work than doing my own, though I can justify it as being "educational." After all, the fastest way to be inspired is through looking at good graphic design, right?

Through this addiction, I have found a secondary one. That second addiction would be Pinterest, one of the greatest places for unapologetic graphic gawking on the web. No longer do I have to go through dozens of blogs to get my fix. I just need to sign onto Pinterest and start looking through the boards. I am never disappointed, though I do have a habit of losing huge chunks of time.

To help my fellow graphophiles cut down the search time, here are 10 awesome boards on web design.

1. Hrvoje Grubisic’s Vintage Typography


Pinterest Boards

This guy has great taste in vintage typography. He has a genuinely amazing collection here, with everything from stamps to bottles and (my personal favorite) posters – all with classic-looking fonts that you immediately relate to the past. All the pins are worth a look and a repin.

2. Chad Syme’s Product Design


Pinterest Boards

Another thing I really like is product designs, especially those that have used upcycling or old ideas turned new. This board features both, among other things. Iphone cases made out of sneaker soles, a wood-capped tea strainer and hundreds of other images are on offer here. With more than 40,000 followers, it is obvious that this is a fantastic board to keep an eye on.

3. Graham Smith’s Vintage Packaging


Pinterest Boards

Staying in the vintage theme from earlier, this cool collection of old packaging for products like IBM, Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s gives a blast from the past from various different eras. I really like them all, especially the retro styles. Just the colors are inspiring for people wanting a vintage-style design in their own work. This is a nice little collection that doesn’t go far, but makes do with what it has.

4. Niki Blaker’s Typography


Pinterest Boards

This board features some of the best typography samples I have seen online, and I really mean that. Creative, unique and fun, this board has a ton of great stuff in various genres. I didn’t find a single one I didn’t like, which is saying a lot, considering what can be posted on Pinterest boards sometimes. It is also one of the few boards I have seen with fewer than 100 pins that still has more than 1,000 followers.

5. Paula Cevasco’s Web Design


Pinterest Boards

Not only does this cover standard website design but also mobile web designs, which is a great feature too many Pinterest boards lack. Some of the layouts are truly unique, especially in the mobile category. It shows how recent advances in online technology have made it possible to create something truly innovative, useable and stylish with less.

6. Dan Denney’s Product Design


Pinterest Boards

Another great board that uses quality instead of quantity, some pretty cool minimalist designs are prevalent here more than anything, leading me to assume he is a big fan of minimalism as a whole. There are some great typography examples here, as well, as many of the product designs use a lot of text.

7. Mike Jones’ Logolicious


Pinterest Boards

I really like this one because most of the logo samples have multiple ones from modern day as well as vintage, which means there are hundreds of examples. Some of them are quite odd, as well.

8. Chad Syme’s Illustration


Pinterest Boards

Yes, this is the same Chad Syme from earlier in the list. Most of the 700-plus illustrations on this board are professionally done, with a small collection of amateur and sometimes weird, works as well. He gives credit, so you can go to the original source. Some really great pieces are here, so definitely make sure to follow it.

9. Neal Senior’s Web Design


Pinterest Boards

This great board by Neal Senior represents all interesting stuff that connects with web design,
photography and technical illustration.

10. Xingkui’s Web Design


Pinterest Boards

This board deserves many more followers than it has, especially as it has thousands of images, and every one I have seen has been pretty cool. The board is mostly website layouts, and any glutton for choice will have a lot of fun checking it out.



Finally, you don’t have to spend ages searching through blogs of websites (though I still do). These 10 boards have some of the best graphic design and web design-related stuff on Pinterest. Check them out!

Ann is the social media junkie and excited owner of My Blog Guest, the free community of guest bloggers.

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